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If you are reading this, you are probably looking for a contractor for the transportation of cargo from Russia to another country or from abroad to the Russian Federation.

Our company has been engaged in international logistics for over 20 years. Leaders of the Russian industry entrust the transportation of their most valuable equipment to us. Besides, we organize import and export supplies for large, medium-sized and small Russian trading companies.

We look forward to become your reliable partner! With vast experience in international cargo transportation and established ties with contractors around the world, we will ensure safe and timely delivery of your cargo to its destination and take over all the routine related to the preparation of the necessary documents and customs clearance.

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Alexey Shakalida, CEO
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For many years, our company has been the exclusive agent of AGS Shipping in the Russian Federation and offers weekly container and conventional service from the port of St. Petersburg to the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, as well as Brussels, Moerdijk, Vlissingen, Hamm, Ghent, Middelburg, Duisburg and Neuss.

Liner service

We also offer services for the chartering of vessels and tonnage, transportation on the inland waterways of Russia and Europe by river-sea vessels on the Baltic – Rhine – Danube line and to the ports of the Volga-Caspian basin, while transportation is carried out under through bills of lading, as well as covering sea, river and rail transportation.
"Transy" has been arranging transportation of cargo in containers since 2000 and is currently one of the largest forwarders in the port of St. Petersburg. Availability of contracts and special provisions with container lines from the world's largest carriers to local operators, long-term relations with terminals and trucking companies, as well as extensive experience and a wide agent network around the world allow us to offer customers the best routes, terms and rates for the door-to-door delivery of goods, using all available types of containers: universal and specialized, including open top containers, flat rack containers, tank containers and refrigerated containers.

Sea container shipping

We organize transshipment, customs transit, forwarding support, delivery and clearing of container cargoes by road and rail at the terminals CTSP, FCT, Petrolesport, Sea Fish Port, CCTL, Bronka, Moby Dik and Ust-Luga. Stripping and stuffing containers, repacking and storage of cargo are carried out both at port container terminals and at inner city terminals and railway stations.
"Transy" is engaged in international transportation of groupage cargo between Russia, Europe, the USA, India, China and South-East Asia. Groupage cargo may be delivered by road, sea and rail.

Groupage cargo transportation

We consolidate the cargoes from several customers at one point and ship them together which makes it possible to minimize the cost of international transportation. The charge is shared among all participants, so you do not have to pay for the whole container or truck. This results in savings for each customer.
When you need to significantly reduce the time of your cargo transportation, the fastest way to deliver your goods is air transportation. "Transy" offers to organize international air transportation that is distinguished by a higher level of reliability to anywhere in the world. Applying to our company, you can be sure that any of your cargo – from a small parcel to large industrial equipment – will be delivered as soon as possible and at the most favorable rates.

International cargo air transportation

While offering services for the international cargo transportation by air, we rely on our own experience and partnerships with major Russian and foreign air carriers. When handing over your cargo to Transy for transportation, you can be entirely sure of its safety and timely delivery.
"Transy" offers international truck transportation that is distinguished by a higher level of reliability. We provide all types of transport and cargo-handling services, organize import and export cargo transportation between Russia, Europe and the CIS countries.

International road haulage

Cargo transportation by road makes it possible to optimize the delivery in terms of the price/quality ratio. Therefore, it is one of the most sought-after methods of delivery of various goods from the EU and CIS countries. The key advantage of this method of transportation is that the cargo is taken out from the warehouse, undergoes the process of customs clearance and arrives at the consignee's warehouse as soon as possible without extra transshipments, in the course of which the goods may be damaged.
"Transy" organizes regular transportation of goods imported from China to the Russian Federation by rail.
In combination with the transportation of containers by sea, specialized container trains provide an excellent price/reliability ratio and allow us to deliver your cargo to the destination just-in-time. While offering transportation services by rail, we rely on our many years of experience, as well as on well-established ties with leading carriers both in Russia and in China. When handing over your cargo to us, you can be entirely sure of its safety and timely delivery.

Railway transportation of cargo from China

"Transy" has been cooperating with the leading museums and theaters of St. Petersburg for many years. International transportation of art objects, theatrical properties and decorations by our company means, first of all, reliability, and besides, high speed and efficient organization of the service.

Artwork shipping

Setting exact delivery time is particularly challenging for transportation companies during transportation. An exhibition or a theatrical performance is usually scheduled for a specific date and time which means that the cargo must be delivered just-in-time so as not to disrupt the cultural event.
"Transy" is engaged in international cargo transportation and also provides a full range of services for the organization of customs clearance of import and export cargoes arriving in the Russian Federation by road, air, rail and sea, including the following:

Customs clearance

• declaring of cargoes
• determination of the cost of duties and other payments
• determination of the correct classification code of CN FEA for customs cargo
• formation and verification of the set of documents and information contained therein
• representation of the client's interests in government agencies
• selection of a customs clearance procedure that is optimal for a specific product and its transportation scheme
• consulting on foreign trade activities
• obtaining licenses and permits for cargoes that require obtaining such documents
• interaction with the inspector for the prompt solution of current tasks for customs clearance of cargoes
• escort of international transportation
• temporary storage of cargoes at temporary warehouses and ensuring their safety
• insurance of cargoes
We work in strict accordance with the legislation of Russia, the Customs Union and international treaties. This enables us to provide complete transparency and security of declaration which minimize the risks for our clients and speeds up the delivery of goods.
"Transy" is engaged in the complex logistics of heavy and oversized equipment and production facilities, within the framework of projects for the construction and modernization of factories, industrial and energy enterprises, which includes the working out of a transportation route and cargo securing schemes, choice of the required type of transport, obtaining of all necessary permits and approvals, organization of cargo handling and cargo escorting.

Project logistics

Implementation of any large-scale project requires careful study and organization of a whole range of logistics and transport solutions for transportation, engineering support and turnkey handover of the facility. As a member of the international association of oversized cargo forwarders THLG since 1999, we have accumulated unique experience in the development and ensuring of transport conditions under foreign trade contracts and provide a full range of logistics services in the global transportation market.
Due to the experience of operation in the port of St. Petersburg since 1998, our own freight forwarding and agent structure and long-term established ties with the port authorities, railway and motor transport enterprises, "Transy" offers full range of reliable services:

Transshipment of cargo in the port of St. Petersburg

• Development and optimization of transport schemes, consulting services
• Organization of transshipment and storage of cargo, warehouse operations (weighing, counting, quality control, cargo marking, issuance of certificates and shipping documents)
• Development and approval of projects for the transportation of complex cargo
• Organization of door-to-door cargo transportation in the CIS countries by sea, river, road, rail and air, ensuring cargo monitoring
• Development of flow schemes for loading and securing heavy and long cargo to the rolling stock
• Cargo insurance
Using the vessels that best meet your requirements, taking into account the nature of cargo and its volume. Our goal is to focus on individual contracts and ensure a personal approach to each client along with applying our professional expertise in the market and capabilities of the large international company.

Chartering of vessels

Specialized tonnage chartering is an important part of our service for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo.
In addition to organizing the transportation of equipment, our company provides the services for assembly and installation on the foundation of all types of heavy equipment. The service includes survey, disassembly and assembly of the equipment using cranes and hydraulic lifting systems of heavy lift capability, as well as fitting-up and final fitting-out and geometric levelling.

Industrial mounting

"Transy" has experience in installing a 350-ton General Electric gas turbine and a 288-ton generator on foundations in Sredneuralsk (Russia). The work was carried out in extreme weather conditions while it was 30 °С below zero outside.

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