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Transportation and assembly of cylindrical conical tanks for "Yantar" brewery in Nikolaev, Ukraine

Equipment assembly in Nikolaev

Equipment delivered:

Four cylindrical conical tanks
Length: 28 m, diameter: 6.8 m
Weight: 36 tons each

Three BBTs
Length: 28 m, diameter: 4.6 m,
Weight: 19 tons each

Total volume: 7,000 frt. tons
Customer: Holvrieka (Menen, Belgium)
Consignee: SUN InBev Ukraine, "Yantar" brewery (Nikolaev, Ukraine)
Forwarder: Transy
Loading onto a specially chartered vessel in the port of Bruges (Belgium)
Work on the cargo securing in the hold
Unloading at the port of Oktyabrsky (Ukraine)
Transportation through the downtown requires disconnecting and lifting of communication and lighting lines
The work execution plan has been developed and agreed upon before the start of assembly. Calculations showed that a main crane with a lifting capacity of 225 tons and an auxiliary crane with a lifting capacity of 80 tons are required for the safe performance of work.
18 days after shipment from Belgium, the cargo arrives at the unloading and installation site in Nikolaev (Ukraine)
Unloading of BBT and its putting upright
The work is carried out in confined spaces
Installation of CCT on the foundation
Customer feedback on the work done

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